NASA introduces its team to study UFOs and other unidentified aerial phenomena

NASA introduces its team to study UFOs and other unidentified aerial phenomena.


NASA  has announced that it will start its study of unidentified aerial phenomena from next Monday, October 24. The US space agency previously revealed that this investigation will last for nine months and even presented the experts that will make up its unit for the study of UFOs and other phenomena of this type.

Through a statement  published on its official website, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration confirmed the 16 experts that will make up its new division to investigate unidentified aerial phenomena. UAPs ( unidentified aerial phenomena ) comprise observations of events in the sky that cannot be classified as aircraft or as natural phenomena.

NASA joins the scientific investigation of UFOs

According to what the space agency mentions in its statement, this study “will lay the groundwork for future studies on the nature of unidentified aerial phenomena for NASA and other organizations . ” To achieve this, the 16 experts on the team will seek a method to analyze all the information collected by civilian government entities over the years, as well as commercial and other source data on these phenomena.

However, it is important to note that the investigation will only focus on unclassified data. NASA expects a full report on all of the team’s discoveries to be published in mid-2023, roughly 9 months after launch.

Why is NASA interested in UAPs?

The US space agency considers unidentified aerial phenomena to be of interest to both national security and US aviation safety . In addition, the study is compatible with the objective of guaranteeing the safety of aircraft that NASA has .

“Without access to an extensive data set, it is almost impossible to verify or explain any observation, so the focus of the study is to inform NASA what possible data could be collected in the future to scientifically discern the nature of UAP “ , indicates the agency.

Daniel Evans , research manager in NASA ‘ s Science Mission Directorate , is the study officer , and the team of experts will be led by David Spergel , president of the Simons Foundation .

“ NASA has brought together some of the world’s leading scientists, data and AI professionals, aerospace security experts, all with a specific brief, which is to tell us how to apply the whole science and data approach to UAP . The findings will be released to the public in accordance with NASA’s principles of transparency, openness, and scientific integrity,” Evans said .