NASA prepares for its first mission to Venus: See what the DAVINCI mission will face on the infernal planet

The most infernal planet in the Solar System will be studied by NASA through the DAVINCI mission.

The NASA presented a preview video of what the mission will face DAVINCI when crossing the atmosphere of the most hellish planet of the Solar System : Venus .

DAVINCI + (Investigation of Venus in the deep atmosphere of noble gases, chemistry and images) is part of two missions that the US space agency is preparing to study the planet Venus, the other is VERITAS (Emissivity of Venus, Radioscience, InSAR, Topography and Spectroscopy) which are projected for 2028 and 2030.

The atmosphere of Venus

The video made by NASA is an overview of the DAVINCI + mission and includes some animations. A satellite will orbit Venus to study the cloud tops and then a probe will head to the surface of the planet to study the conditions of the infernal planet.

The sphere will fall through the thick and toxic atmosphere of Venus, collecting data throughout its possible short duration. “The landing site, Alpha Regio ‘tessera, is a mountainous highland region whose rocks may hold clues to the planet’s mysterious past ,  said NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

Venus is a very difficult planet to study, as each feature is hidden under a massive opaque atmosphere with inhospitable conditions for exploration,  “That is why we named our mission ‘DAVINCI +’ in honor of the inspired and visionary Renaissance thinking of Leonardo da Vinci who went beyond science to connect with engineering, technology and even art. “