NASA prepares to present its new generation of space suits

The return to the Moon of a manned mission will be accompanied by a new “look” for lunar walks.


NASA is preparing for a boarded mission to set foot on the Moon again, including the first woman, within the framework of its Artemis program.

This new generation of space journeys will include a renewal in space suits.

NASA and Axiom Space will reveal the prototype of this new spacesuit on Wednesday, March 15 at a televised event .

“ NASA selected Axiom Space to provide a moonwalking system that allows astronauts to land near the South Pole (of the Moon). Statements from experts from NASA and Axiom Space are planned during the reveal activities , as well as a demonstration of the suit, as well as questions and answers .

Historic moment for NASA

NASA maintains its moonwalking suit from more than 40 years ago, the days of the Apollo missions .

These space suits will also be used by their crew members on the International Space Station (ISS) , preparing them for the Artemis missions.

The Artemis 3 mission , planned for at least 2025, is expected to mean the return of humans to the Moon .