NASA scientists are ‘shocked’ after seeing the first color images from the James Webb Telescope

The James Webb telescope’s color images of the universe will be revealed to the entire world on July 12.


Scientists who have already been able to see the images obtained by the James Webb telescope have indicated that they are moved by their quality.

NASA is preparing a big launch event for the images this July 12 , in what appears to be a completely groundbreaking time for astronomy.

Great feelings for space

NASA science mission leader Thomas Zurbuchen has noted that these images will provide “historic data” for science.

“It’s really hard not to look at the universe in a new light and not have a deeply personal moment,” he told a news conference. “It’s an emotional moment when you see nature suddenly release some of its secrets. I’d like you to imagine and look forward to that.”

This sentiment was echoed by NASA Joint Administrator Pam Melroy: “What I have seen has moved me, as a scientist, as an engineer, and as a human being.”

The images are expected to include unprecedented views of the depths of the universe and the atmosphere surrounding a distant exoplanet, which could give us glimpses of a habitable world other than our own.

A years project

NASA shared some images the telescope captured during the preparation phase, but it’s unclear exactly what the full-color images will look like. “Of course, there are things we hope to see, but with a new telescope and this new high-resolution infrared data, we just won’t know until we see it,” said Joseph DePasquale, STScI lead science imaging developer.

After the observatory captures its first proper images, it will begin science observations. The astronomers will analyze the data captured by the infrared sensors and publish articles about their findings.

James Webb is the world’s premier space science observatory, and once fully operational it will help solve mysteries of our solar system , look beyond to distant worlds around other stars, and explore the mysterious structures and origins of our own. universe and our place in it.