NASA to replace the International Space Station with a commercial station in 2030

The NASA has revealed the details to make the current ISS on a commercial space station once cease the functions of the orbiting laboratory.

NASA’s audit body has produced a report detailing plans to replace the International Space Station (ISS) with one or more commercial space stations .

It was originally thought that the ISS will cease operations in 2024 , but there are indications that the operational life of the space station will extend until 2030, which is when the agency will convert the station from an orbiting science facility to a private company .

The audit details the current costs of maintaining and operating the ISS, and also explains why there is still an essential need for the station to be a test bed for prolonged human exposure in space.

Commercial space station

The ISS remains key to the development and demonstration of key technology to help people explore deep space, including establishing a permanent base on the Moon and research on Mars .

However, NASA hopes to see the operation of a commercial station by 2028 to give a period for more companies to join the project, since, at the moment, the schedule presented by the agency presents some risks, due to  “the limited market demand, inadequate funding, unreliable cost estimates, and evolving requirements. “