NASA’s SLS rocket arrives at launch site in Florida

The SLS  has been placed at its launch site at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida pending further tests that will bring it closer to its flight to the Moon.


The Space Launch System ( SLS ) rocket, NASA ‘s largest to date, has been successfully placed on PAD 39B at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, awaiting its first launch into orbit.

The SLS will undergo what is known as a wet dress rehearsal in April, going through all the operations and procedures it will go through during a typical launch, including filling its tanks with propellant.

If all goes well, the rocket will return to NASA ‘s Vehicle Assembly Building , the giant building where the SLS was assembled.After some more testing, the rocket will return to the launch pad before its maiden flight , scheduled for sometime this winter at the earliest.

Sooner and later Artemis 1

The first flight of the SLS is the first Artemis mission , which hopes to bring humans to the Moon in no less than 2025.

The SLS will launch the Orion capsule into lunar orbit this year . This test without passengers will give rise to a second mission, Artemis 2, where astronauts travel to the orbit of our satellite.

Agency Administrator Bill Nelson said we were entering a golden age of human space exploration.

“The Artemis generation  is preparing to reach new frontiers,” he told the crowd of spectators gathered at Kennedy.

“This generation will return astronauts to the Moon and this time, we will bring the first woman and the first person of color to the surface to conduct groundbreaking science.

” NASA ‘s Artemis program will pave the way for humanity’s giant leap (toward) future missions to Mars.”