For many years now there has been talk of a new sequel to The Mystery of the Templars .


but the recent announcement of a Disney + ( National Treasure ) series, set in the same world, seemed to have put an end to fans’ hopes. But here is the legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer to turn it back on .

During an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, Bruckheimer, currently promoting Top Gun: Maverick , wrote, “I love Nicolas, he’s a brilliant actor and we’re currently working on a script for National Treasure .”

Obviously, a doubt remains: is Bruckheimer talking about a third film or the intention to have Nicolas Cage appear in the series? After all, Justin Bartha will reprise the role of Riley Poole .

Recently, Cage revealed that he had finished paying the tax debts that had forced him to make 46 films in 12 years. His next film, The Talent of Mr. C , a self-ironic action in which he plays himself, will arrive in our country on demand from 22 July , and on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K from 4 August. The limit is again the sky for Nicolas Cage, and it could be the right time to make a new The Mystery of the Templars .

Sean Connery and The Rock

During the conversation with fans, Bruckheimer also debunked one of the most popular theories regarding one of his films. We’re talking about Michael Bay’s The Rock , in which Sean ConneryHe played John Patrick Mason, a former captain of the British Special Air Service, as well as a former MI6 agent, locked up in Alcatraz prison after he had stolen a microfilm containing some American state secrets. The theory held that Mason was actually the one and only James Bond, given the similarity between the characters and the fact that they both had the faces of Sean Connery. But Bruckheimer cut it short: “It was never discussed, nor did we ever think about it.” A good theory, however, dies hard, and several fans quickly wondered if the producer had avoided answering honestly for fear of a lawsuit.