The already extensive catalog of free games for mobile devices available on Netflix is ​​enriched with new titles.


let’s discover together Before Your Eyes (Skybound Games), Mahjong Solitaire (Smoking Gun Interactive) and Into The Breach (Subset Games). The games are already available and can be downloaded from the Netflix mobile app on your Android and iOS devices.

Before Your Eyes

Defined as the most touching game of 2021 and BAFTA award-winning, Before Your Eyes offers an accessible and thrilling experience suitable for all ages. The players find themselves in the company of the ferryman tasked with identifying the souls who led an extraordinary life to take them to the afterlife. Through the phone’s camera, the blinks and gazes of the players will guide the narrative path, offering a first-person perspective of events through the eyes of the characters and ensuring full control of the important choices throughout the story. Blending innovative blink interaction mechanics with a fascinating world and dubbed story from start to finish, Before Your Eyes is the perfect choice for mobile game lovers, who will now be able to take this experience everywhere. FUN FACT: while researching for the game, the creators digitized old amateur videos to keep the atmosphere of their childhood in the 90s, one of the main influences for the look and history of the game.

Mahjong Solitaire

In this simple but never easy single player board game, you will enjoy 300 tile matching puzzles. In this new mobile game, players will have to match tiles to remove them from the board. Remove all tiles and win! The puzzles can be solved every time with new achievements and daily challenges that will make your puzzles more and more interesting! What’s more, there are various themes and backgrounds that players can customize to change the look of the game, including the Upside Down for Stranger Things fans. FUN FACT: if you want to play without feeling pressured, try enabling unlimited shuffles to make it easier to win.

Into The Breach

This strategy game challenges players to assemble a team of pilots and mechs, each with unique characteristics and abilities, to then lead them in turn-based battles against an alien enemy that threatens the future of civilization. But don’t worry, in this game, failure is an option. In case of defeat, you can ask for help by going back in time to try to save humanity in another timeline. Voted “Best Game of the Year” by PC Gamer in 2018, the interface in the Netflix version has been redesigned in a small form factor to fit any mobile device and the Advanced Edition includes new content such as new pilots, mechs, weapons, enemies, missions and much more. CURIOSITY: Into the Breach was born in response to movies and games in which defenders of a city completely destroy it while trying to protect it. Subset Games intended to make a game where players paid attention to collateral damage and were willing to sacrifice heroes to protect the city.

New releases are scheduled periodically: over 50 games will be available to fans by the end of the year.