Several fantasy titles will debut on Netflix in August.

 We start with The Sandman (August 5) adaptation of the famous comic series by Neil Gaiman , we continue with the return of Locke & Key which will conclude with the third season.
Added to these is the third book of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood and season 3 of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe .

But that’s not all, the documentaries Nightmare of the Wolf: The Bestiary (August 23) and The Witcher: The Bestiary season 2 (August 23) will be available. Finally, the film Day Shift – A Caccia Di Vampiri with Jamie Foxx and the live action film Fullmetal Alchemist: La Vendetta Di Scar , the second chapter of the film trilogy, which had little success in Japan.

For the little ones we recommend The fate of the Ninja Turtles: The movie .

The August offer does not end here, we remember the comedy Me Time – A Weekend All For Me and the third season of Non Ho Mai….

Plus the anime Kakegurui Twin, Tekken: Bloodline and the stop-motion series Rilakkuma’s Adventure at the Amusement Park .

For those who love Korean series, there are four weekly appointments with: The mysteries of Café Minamdang, Alchemy of Souls, Avvocata Woo and Forbidden to surrender .

Here is the list of news.

Original movies

Buba (August 3)
It is not Karma! (August 3)
Wedding Season (August 4)
Carter (August 5)
Darlings (August 5)
Reclaim (August 6)
Codename: Emperor (August 8)
The Song of the Heart (August 10)
Day Shift. Vampires (August 12)
13: The Musical (August 12)
Royalteen – The Heir (August 17)
Parallel Lines (August 17)
Another 365 Days (August 19)
Fullmetal Alchemist: Scar’s Revenge (August 20)
That’s Amor (25 August)
Me Time – A Weekend All For Me (August 26)
A Faithful Husband (August 26)
Seoul Vibe – The Last Pursuit (August 26)


Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99 (August 3)
I Killed My Dad (August 9)
Los Ladrones: The Last Great Robbery (August 10)
Stay on Board: The Story of Leo Baker (August 11)
Untold: The Non-Existent Girlfriend (August 16 ) )
In the Cat’s Mind (August 18)
Nightmare of the Wolf: The Bestiary (August 23)
The Witcher: The Bestiary Season 2 (August 23)
Running with the Devil: The Incredible Story of John McAfee (August 24)

Other movies

Midsommar – The Village Of The Damned (1 August)
I Dreamed Of Love (1 August)
Marta – The Crime Of Wisdom (1 August)
The Dead Don’t Die (2 August)
Fast & Feel Love (4 August)
Until the Last Clue (August 5)
Trial By Fire (August 7) ​​The
Secret Life of Pets 2 (August 8)
But (August 8)
The Amazing Spider-Man (August 16)
Otherwise we get mad (August 24)

Original TV Series:

Love predictions, Season 1 (August 2, South Korea)
Good morning, Verônica, Season 2 (August 3, Brazil)
The Sandman, Season 1 (August 5)
Twenty-five and twenty-one, Season 1 (August 5, South Korea)
Locke & Key, Season 3 (August 10)
School Tales: The Series, Miniseries (August 10, Thailand)
DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Book 3 (August 11)
A Model Family, Season 1 (August 12, South Korea)
I don’t have never …, Season 3 (August 12)
Who Kicks With Fire, Season 1 (August 17, Mexico)
Nothing Suspicious, Season 1 (August 17, Brazil)
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Season 3 (August 18)
Alma , Season 1 (Aug 19, Spain)
Echoes, Miniseries (Aug 19, Australia)
The Girl in the Mirror (Season 1) (August 19)
Kleo, Season 1 (August 19, Germany)
The Series of Cuphead !, Season 2 (August 19)
Chad and JT Go Deep, Season 1 (August 23)
Lost Ollie, Miniseries (Aug 24)
Under Fire, Season 1 (Aug 24, Belgian)
Mo, Season 1 (Aug 24)
Partner Track (Season 1) (Aug 26)
Ludik, Season 1 (Aug 26, South Africa)
Delhi Crime, Season 2 (August 26, India)


The Mysteries of Café Minamdang, Season 1 (August 1, South Korea weekly episode)
Alchemy of Souls, Season 1 (August 6, every Saturday)
Lawyer Woo, Season 1 (August 3, every Wednesday)
Uncle From Another World, Season 1 (August 3, every Wednesday)
No Surrender, Season 1 (August 4, weekly episode)


Kakegurui Twin, Season 1 (August 4)
Tekken: Bloodline, Season 1 (August 18)
Rilakkuma’s Adventure at the Amusement Park, Season 1 (August 25)

For the little ones

Big Tree Town, Season 1 (August 1)
Polly Pocket: The Series, Season 2 Part 2 (August 1)
Super Giant Robo Brothers, Season 1 (August 4)
The Fate of the Ninja Turtles: The Movie (August 5)
Team Zenko Go, Season 2 (August 8)
Deepa & Anoop, Season 1 (August 15)
Angry Birds: Summer Madness, Season 3 (August 25)
Might Express, Season 7 (August 29)

Docuseries and Entertainment

Marta: The crime of Wisdom (1 August)
Ricardo Quevedo: Mañana será peor (2 August)
Clusterf ** k: Woodstock ’99 (3 August)
Tamara Falcó: Life as a marquise, Season 1 (4 August)
Indian Matchmaking, Season 2 (August 10)
Instant Dream Home, Season 1 (August 10)
Iron Chef: Brazil, Season 1 (August 10)
Glow Up, Season 4 (August 19)
Queer Eye: Brazil, Season 1 (August 24)
Selling the OC, Season 1 (August 24)
Contemporary history in pills, Season 2 (August 25)
I AM A KILLER, Season 3 (August 30)