Netflix effect: Disney + asks users why they share their accounts

Netflix wants to solve the pressure of competition by adding an additional toll to users who share accounts, while Disney Plus evaluates a solution.

Netflix is ​​beginning to feel the pressure of competition and it shows as the costs of production and content acquisition increase. With the rise of HBO Max , Disney+ , Prime Video , Apple TV+ , among others, original content becomes more difficult for Netflix .

After the first drop in subscribers , Netflix sees as a solution to limit users who share their account. Sharing streaming subscriptions became commonplace with the proliferation of Netflix. 

Now, Disney+  seems to be interested in applying the same limits as Netflix . Disney’s streaming platform has emailed some users with a survey to find out why they share account with people outside the household. 

Apple TV + plans another strategy

Among the different options in the survey sent by Disney Plus is that users share their subscriptions with other people because “they do not use the service regularly enough”, “they do not want to pay for the service themselves” or “whoever shares wants to help”.

This survey has caused some users to speculate that Disney Plus wants to follow in the same footsteps as Netflix and apply a toll to users who share accounts.

On the other hand, Apple has the advantage that its business does not depend on streaming content. That’s why Apple TV+ focuses on delivering good stories to attract more users.

For example, Apple TV+ includes a feature that allows you to add up to five users with a single subscription, with the highest audio and video quality regardless of the number of simultaneous devices.