Netflix extends password sharing restrictions to a hundred countries

The United States, all of South America, and countries in Europe and Asia are now seeing warnings on their Netflix accounts for sharing profiles outside of their homes.

Netflix announced this week that users in a hundred countries will now have to pay more to share their passwords for the platform with people outside their household, as part of their strategy to diversify their income.

The streaming service has been testing this new formula in a handful of countries for a year, and has already implemented it in Canada, after a difficult year 2022.

“A Netflix account is for use by a single household,” the company said in a statement.

Netflix said that more than 100 million households shared accounts on the service earlier this year, “affecting our ability to invest in new TV shows and movies.”

Netflix has experimented with “borrowing” or “sharing” accounts, where subscribers can add additional users for a higher price or transfer viewing profiles to separate accounts, in some markets. On Tuesday it announced it was expanding the policy to more than 100 countries .