Netflix Premium subscriptions actually have an edge, including the ability to create multiple accounts, viewing in 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos.


the Netflix calibrated mode among the available benefits, to which two new bonuses will now be added : Spatial Audio and a greater number of devices enabled to download content.

The Netflix Premium plan already guarantees the best viewing quality with ad-free 4K HDR video resolution, the ability to watch and download movies and TV shows on up to four supported devices simultaneously, and much more. With Netflix Spatial Audio, Premium members can now enjoy the highest quality sound experience available, whether they’re using their TV or computer at home, or elsewhere with a phone or tablet.
Netflix Spatial Audio delivers an immersive cinematic sound-like experience on any device, without the need for additional equipment, and is now available in more than 700 of the most popular titles, including Stranger Things , The Watcher , Wednesday andGlass Onion – Knives Out .

To hear the difference, just watch the short video we present to you or log into your Netflix account and look for the new spatial audio badge for films and TV series. To see the complete list of titles equipped with this feature, just type “spatial audio” in the search bar on Netflix.
Spatial audio will be added to popular new titles as they become available, such as “ You ”, “ My or Yours ”, “ Luther: To Hell ” and “ Tour de France ”.

Also, with the increase in the number of users connected across multiple devices, research has shown that subscribers would like to be able to download Netflix movies and series to watch offline on multiple devices, especially when traveling and switching between devices. .