The nightmare Batgirl returns to hover over Hollywood: Netflix has decided to cancel two films already completed.


The Inheritance by Alejandro Brugués and House/Wife by Danis Goulet . The difference with respect to the case of HBO Max is that, in this case, the films will be offered to other distribution realities, and therefore sooner or later they will see the light.

It is now an obvious trend that is leading to numerous cancellations of projects, especially television. Many networks and platforms have made the decision not to produce series in various stages of development, and even to cancel renewals of TV series already ordered. The reasons are many, from inflation to a possible recession, to the increasingly fundamental hunt for new subscribers. Netflix decided this year to keep its $17 billion content spending unchanged, focusing more on profits. And therefore less flashy projects risk being cut.

The Inheritance

Alejandro Brugués’ film kicks off on the eve of the 75th birthday of billionaire Charles Abernathy, who invites his four children, with whom he has not had relations for some time, to his home, because he fears that someone – or something – is coming to kill him. To make sure his family will protect him, Abernathy informs his sons that none of them will get his share of the inheritance if he is killed before dawn. The film is written by Joe Russo (not the director of Avengers ) and Chris LaMont , and stars Bob Gunton, Peyton List, Austin Stowell, Briana Middleton, David Walton and Rachel Nichols .


Danis Goulet’s film instead focuses on a mother who, recovering from a terrible accident, moves into a prototype smart home with her family, but discovers that the artificial intelligence that controls the house has sinister intentions. The film is written by Anna Halberg and Spenser Cohen and stars Alice Braga, Kris Holden-Ried and Sarah Gadon .