Netflix: How to add profiles on the platform?

There is no doubt that Netflix is ​​the largest and most popular streaming platform on the market today.


Although many have entered in recent years, it is still the most attractive for children, young people and adults, and each of its premieres continues to cause a stir worldwide.

Netflix has an extensive catalog of audiovisual content, from series, movies, documentaries and other content that can be accessed from the tablet, the cell phone, a smart TV or a computer connected to the Internet .

For this reason, many people every day do not hesitate to subscribe to the virtual platform through its different plans, where you can see the different modalities, whether it is the subscription for one screen, two screens or up to 4 simultaneously. In addition, Netflix will vary the image resolution quality depending on the most expensive plan, where you can see content in full HD and 4K, while in the basic ones it is only a Standard and HD version.

By subscribing to the service you will get an account with which you can access all Netflix content , in this you can create up to 5 personalized profiles for the members of a household or a group of friends, with a personalized experience in each one of them.

Add a profile on Netflix

Creating profiles is very simple and takes little time. Here’s how to create one and manage it.

The first thing you should do is create a Netflix account, for this, you need an email and a payment method that can be a credit card, bank account, PayPal or a pre-purchased code. Once you have done this step, you can have a profile that by default will have the name of the buyer. Before you can add a new profile, you must sign in to the main account in Manage profiles.

Upon entering the page we will see a menu that asks: Who is watching now? Next to this, a thumbnail of the main profile will appear accompanied by the option “Add profile”, the next thing is to click on this option to start the creation of this new profile.

In the Netflix mobile app you must touch the profile icon or the “more” option and select Manage profiles and then Add profile, assign a name to the profile select Continue or Save and the new profile should appear immediately in the list of profiles in your bill.

It should be noted that profiles are not available on devices manufactured before 2013.