Netflix: how to control the data used in the app?

The streaming giant  Netflix  has its own application for cell phones and tablets.

The content is in high definition, something that could cause the indiscriminate use of data.

The most famous platform for movies and documentaries, Netflix , is becoming more and more popular and, most of the time, each user consumes it in different ways or in different quantities.

Netflix can consume many GB in the internet plan

Users are increasingly obsessed with the use of their mobile and tablet application, which often causes them to get lost among their thousands of series and movies and make indiscriminate use of their mobile data, causing high internet rates and the consumption of their postpaid plans faster. 

But this has a solution, all you need is an adjustment in your settings and that will fix the data consumption on the platform. In this note we teach you the technique to save data consumption in the mobile plan. 

How to configure mobile data?

Data used per hour and per device:

  1. Low: Basic video quality up to 0.3 GB
  2. Medium: standard video quality up to 0.7 GB
  3. High: the best video quality. From 1GB to 7GB.
  4. Automatic: Automatically adjusts to provide the highest possible quality based on your internet connection speed.

Adjust data usage settings

  1. From the computer, access the web page and enter
  2. Select a profile.
  3. Go to “Playback Settings” and select.
  4. Select your preferred data usage settings.
  5. Click on “Accept”.

The level of data consumption that you select will affect the video or movie that you are watching.

Adjust cellular data usage settings

  1. Open the Netflix app and select a profile.
  2. Select “App Settings” .
  3. In video playback, select “Data usage” .
  4. Turn the “Only Wi-Fi On” option on or off.
  5. Choose the configuration of your choice.