Netflix: How to know if your account is being used in another location?

Recognizing the location of your logged in Netflix sessions will be the first step in protecting your account from theft.


The Netflix platform hosts millions of active users, who come to the streaming giant to watch series and movies.

To access its services, the user must have a profile and password from where they can log in to the different mobile devices allowed by the app.

How to know from which locations you have logged in?

Because it is a paid application, Netflix saves quite sensitive information such as: the card from which the service is charged, recent playlists, account manager contact information, profiles of people who use it.

Despite the fact that the application is very secure, many users have reported that other users have used their Netflix account from unrecognized sites, this type of theft is carried out to enjoy the catalog without paying a single penny for the subscription.

Fortunately,  Netflix has an option where the user can check from which places their account was entered .

Steps to follow:

If there is a suspicion that another person accessed the Netflix account without authorization, here are the steps to take to expose them:

  1. Open the Netflix application from its official site and using the computer version
  2. Sign in to the account and open the dropdown menu that appears below the user’s profile picture
  3. Choose the ‘account’ option and then ‘recent device streaming activity’
  4. A list of recently accessed devices will appear here, specifying where in the world they are located.

If the user is surprised that an unauthorized person has accessed their account, they should stay in the settings and go to the bottom, where ‘Sign out of all devices’ is located.

Once the sessions are closed, the password must be entered again.