Netflix: how to remove the “continue watching” section

Tired of Netflix  constantly showing you in their “ keep watching ” section ? Here is the solution.


On many occasions, Netflix users put aside a series or movie that they did not like or simply stop watching it out of boredom. However, one of the platform’s algorithms and segmentations makes said audiovisual content appear in a section of the screen called “ Continue watching ”. The more you accumulate content, the longer the list.

For this reason, Netflix in its recent update is giving users access to the option that will allow them to delete or clean the programs and movies from their “ Continue Watching ” section.

Here we will explain the fastest and most direct way to manage this list.

The streaming giant confirmed the details in a recent post detailing how to practically and simply remove this listing.

To achieve this, click on the three vertically stacked dots on your cursor, then go to “ Remove from row ”. On the other hand, if you are from the TV screen, click on the program or movie that is in the list and select the option “ Remove from Continue Watching ”. In case you want to change your mind, Netflix gives you the option to select the back arrow to undo your choice.

In the words of Christine Doig-Cardet, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix , “This new button allows you to constantly keep your ‘ Keep Watching ‘ queue up to date and full of shows and movies you can’t wait to see,” she noted.

In this way, Netflix gives you the convenience and independence of keeping your “ Keep Watching ” queue fresh and avoiding the accumulation of a long queue of movies or series that you do not want to see again in a long time.