Netflix is ​​working on a ‘live action’ series of ‘Pokémon’

Netflix seems interested in expanding its content catalogue with projects related to the world of video games. Variety reports that the streaming giant is working on a series of live-action of Pokémon, similar to the film Detective Pikachu, which broke box office in 2019.


The information, at the moment, is scarce since there is no official announcement. However, the sources consulted by the medium above shed some light. This project would have a name of weight in the industry, such as Joe Henderson. He would be in charge of the script and fill the role of executive producer.

The showrunner for the Pokémon project is an old Netflix acquaintance. Henderson has been the executive producer of Lucifer, one of the most popular series on the platform founded by Reed Hastings. Unfortunately, it is still unknown who the other members of the production will be.

Pokémon would come to Netflix in the form of a live-action series.

Because the new Pokémon series is still in early development, there are also no details about its plot. However, Variety points out that the project would be an action series similar to that of the hit Detective Pikachu, which starred Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith.

As mentioned at the beginning, it will be a live-action series. This means that the animated characters will be integrated into the film footage with real actors. It is a proposal already seen in titles such as Space Jam: a new era or Detective Pikachu herself, among many others.

The truth is that this supposed Netflix move only reaffirms the streaming giant’s intentions to continue feeding its catalogue of original content based on video game characters. The service already has Pokémon: Indigo League and Pokémon Journeys, among others. Likewise, it has also previously announced the original Far Cry and Splinter Cell series.

Pokémon is one of the best-known franchises worldwide. His success has crossed the borders of Japan, where he was born, to become an international phenomenon. From 1995 to the present, it has been developed in various television shows, movies, video games, comics, games, etc.