Netflix is ​​developing its own video game studio

Netflix also wants to create its own video games and not just help other developers.


Netflix is ​​creating its own video game studio to deliver titles through its service.

The company is forming a game studio in Finland, with talent from already established studios today.

Netflix bets more on games

Although there are no further details, it is known that the executive of Zynga and Electronic Arts, Marko Lastikka, will serve as director.

Since it announced its entry into this area, Netflix has bought Next Games ( The Walking Dead for mobile phones) and Night School Studio ( Oxenfree ) . However, this would be his first ground-up effort to date.

At the moment, it is known that the first games will be “world class” and will not include ads or in-app purchases.

Of course, they are not expected for “a few years.”

Improve your service

For months now, Netflix has provided free mobile games with your monthly subscription.

The problem for the company is that they are not interesting enough for their users to play it. The last report claimed that less than 1% of its more than 200,000 subscribers have played any of them .

With this initiative, it will now try to create new games that can only be played with its service, seeking to generate greater expectations and gain more followers.

The bet on video games is not a first for streaming services, since Amazon Prime Video has a close relationship with Prime Gaming , who, in addition to giving away renowned games, also gives bonuses on very popular titles.