Netflix prepares to carry out its first live sports broadcast, a new market

Netflix knows that sports are a big deal and its rivals are focused on them. It will make a very close first try.

The Netflix streaming service is preparing to hold its first sports championship and broadcast it live on its platform.

According to The Wall Street Journal , the company wants to create, not acquire the rights to, a celebrity-driven golf tournament.

Sports on Netflix

The report notes that Netflix wants to create its own competition and include stars from other sports content within its service.

Netflix cannot, notes the Street Journal , buy the broadcast rights to the world’s biggest sports events globally today.

An example of this has been a failed attempt to wrest the Formula 1 rights from ESPN, but Netflix could not compete with the money offered by this company.

The service has shown interest in the sport for a couple of years, but they always said they were “looking for the right time” to participate.

The formula he is creating is possibly related to the documentaries Drive to Survive or Full Swing and Break Point , with their main characters participating in the planned golf tournament.

they all have sports

Sports are a huge draw for streaming.

Disney maintains its full sports service with ESPN and in South America it expands soccer, tennis and the NBA through Star+ .

HBO Max maintains the rights to the Champions League, a huge championship capable of convincing more than one football fan.

Prime Video supports US Women’s Basketball, the NFL, plus Major League Baseball and Premier League games.

And even Apple TV+ has the rights to the MLS, a North American league that will now be enhanced with the arrival of Lionel Messi at Inter Miami.