Netflix puts an end to shared accounts: it will block devices that do not connect to the same WiFi network

Goodbye to shared Netflix accounts : from March the new rules will begin to apply.


Netflix has indicated that it will block devices that do not connect to the same WiFi network to log in to the same account.

This measure will arrive in March and has a single objective: to prevent users from sharing their password with people who do not reside in the same household.

Goodbye to shared accounts

To date, it was not known how Netflix would identify users who share their personal account.

Now, according to an update from the platform’s help center , the service will check whether the devices from which users connect to the account are connected to the same WiFi network and have seen at least one title from the catalog from there. If this has not happened in the last 31 days, access will be blocked.

“People outside of your household will need to use their own account to watch Netflix ,” it read.

To avoid being penalized, users must enter the same WiFi network from the website or mobile application.

other mechanism

In addition to WiFi, Netflix will also periodically review users’ IP addresses, to find out from which location each profile is connecting.

It is expected that these measures begin to expand to the whole world from March and April of this same 2023.

Netflix last year began testing ways to “monetize account sharing” after posting its biggest subscriber losses in a decade. In addition to password sharing fees, Netflix has also launched cheaper ad-supported subscriptions , hoping to entice more people to pay if they don’t have to pay as much.

“Although our terms of use limit the use of Netflix to one household, we know that this is a change for members who share their password with other households. Therefore, these members will have the option to pay a little more if they want to share the password with people who do not live with them, ”says the streaming service.