Netflix reduces its prices in more than 30 countries to avoid user flight after its latest policies

30 countries around the world have seen discounts on their Netflix subscription plans following the end of account sharing. Unfortunately, Peru has not been benefited.

Netflix has reduced the prices of its subscription rates in more than 30 countries, including some in Latin America and others such as Croatia, Slovenia or Bulgaria, in an attempt to maintain its users given the increase in competition with other platforms and the taking of decisions as end of shared accounts.

The American streaming services company intends to maintain its position as one of the giants in this sector in the face of competition with other platforms such as HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ or Apple TV , among others.

Discounts for everyone, except for Peru

In this sense, Netflix has been implementing some changes in recent months. One of them has been the launch of the ‘Basic with ads’ subscription plan, establishing itself as the most affordable option for $6.99.

Similarly, another of the most popular news has been the end of the option to share accounts between different households, which was imposed in countries like Spain at the beginning of February . To do this, the platform created functions intended for use in a single house, such as setting a main location related to the account and creating subaccounts for users who do not live together for 5.99 euros, additional to the subscription price.

Now, Netflix is ​​making changes to the prices of the subscription plans. Specifically, as The Wall Street Journal has pointed out , it has lowered subscription prices in more than 30 countries, going to cost, in some cases, 10.5 dollars a month for the Premium subscription. These countries span from the Middle East to Africa, Asia and Europe, in addition to some Latin American countries, where prices had already been reduced.

Countries that will benefit from this discount

Specifically, as can be seen on the Netflix plans and prices page , the countries with reduced subscriptions are Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Yemen, Jordan, Libya, Iran, Kenya, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

Regarding the countries of Latin America, the platform began to update the reduced prices on February 13 in countries such as Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala and Panama, among others. Despite all this, at the moment Netflix has not announced any change in subscription rates for Peru .

According to the statements of a Netflix spokesperson collected by The Wall Street Journal , these changes in the prices of subscription plans are preceded by Netflix ‘s competition with respect to other platforms. “We know that members have never had so many options when it comes to entertainment,” said the spokeswoman, while she assured that the company is committed to “providing an experience that exceeds your expectations.” (Europe Press)