Are you ready to run a marathon with the last two episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things ?


Also coming this month are the second part of Better Call Saul ‘s sixth season, and Virgin River ‘s fourth season .

Among the novelties we point out instead the live action series Resident Evil: The series .

The most anticipated film is undoubtedly the blockbuster of the Russo brothers: The Gray Man , but let’s not forget the animated feature The Monster of the Seas and Persuasion , the new film by Dakota Johnson based on a work by Jane Austen .

In the Japanese animation field, this month Komi Can’t Communicate ends , among the news we point out Uncle from Another World which will be released weekly and the spin-off Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time . The first season of Vinland Saga will also arrive on the platform . For the little ones we recommend Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight and the fifth season of Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous .

Here is the list of news.

Original movies

Goodbye to Goodbye (July 6)
The Girl in the Photo (July 6)
The Monster of the Seas (July 8)
Dangerous Liaisons (July 8)
Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls (July 8)
Jewel – Timeless Love (July 8)
Incantation (July 8)
Malnazidos – In the valley of death (July 11)
For Jojo (July 11)
The murderer of my daughter (July 12)
Under the sun of Amalfi (July 13)
The talent to dream: life and teachings by Shimon Peres (July 13)
Persuasion (July 15)
The Gray Man (July 22)
Purple Hearts (July 29)

Other movies

Cult of chucky (July 1)
The broken hearts gallery (July 4)
Cena con delitto, knives out (July 4)
Unfriended dark web (July 11)

Original TV Series:

Stranger Things s4 Volume 2 (July 1)
Our Blues (July 2, weekly episode)
King of Stonks S1 (July 6)
Control Z | final season (July 6)
Boo, Bitch S1 (July 8)
Captains S2 (July 8)
That Endless Night – Miniseries (July 8)
Better Call Saul 6, Part 2 (July 12)
Lawyer Woo (July 13, weekly episode)
Big timer S2 (July 13)
Tuning | S3 – final season (July 13)
Hurts Like Hell: the world of muay thai (July 13)
Resident Evil: The S1 series (July 14)
Farzar (adult animated series) (July 15)
Alba (July 15)
Country Queen ( July 15)
Wedding and wishes (July 15)
Virgin River S4 (July 20)
Blown Art S3 (July 22)
Alchemy of Souls S1 (July 23)
Dream Home Makeover: s3 (July 27)
Rebelde S2 (July 27)
Another self (July 28)
Keep breathing – miniseries ( July 28)
Uncoupled (July 29)
The hell of singles / Change Days S2


Inazuma Eleven S2 (July 1)
Komi Can’t Communicate (July 6, weekly episode)
Vinland Saga July 7
Uncle from Another World S1 (July 20, weekly episode)
Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time S1 (July 29)

For the little ones

Power Players S2 (July 1)
LEGO Friends: The Heartlake Stories (July 1)
The World of Karma S3 (July 7)
Team Zenko Go S2 (July 11)
Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (July 14)
StoryBots: Laugh, Learn, Sing, Collection 2 (July 18)
Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous S5 (July 21)
Gabby’s Dollhouse S5 (July 25)

Docuseries and Entertainment

Not just surfing: Oman (July 2)
How to build a sex room (July 8)
Ride on time S4 ​​(July 8)
The killer of my daughter (July 12)
How to change your mind (July 12)
bill burr: live ar red rocks (July 12)
DB Cooper: the hijacker who vanished into thin air (July 13)
David A. Arnold: It Ain’t For the Weak (July 19)
Street Food: USA (July 26)
Car Masters: From Rust to Glory 4 (July 27)
Dream Home Makeover: The Ideal Home 3 (July 27)
The most hated man on the internet (July 27)