Netflix: the service’s cheap plan with ads will not work on these devices

The Netflix Economy Plan with Ads  will not work on all devices where the service is not accessible.

Netflix  will launch its new economic plan with ads in November and, despite the fact that the company’s goal is to attract more users by offering a cheaper option with the introduction of advertising while watching series or movies, this subscription will also come with other limitations related to the devices on which it is played.

In an official statement , Netflix confirmed that its new plan that reduces its price in exchange for showing ads will not be able to be enjoyed on all platforms that have access to its service. If a user decides to subscribe to this modality and plans to view the content of his catalog on a device that is not supported, he simply will not be able to log in and, consequently, watch movies and series.

Despite the fact that the company assures that the platforms that are not compatible with its new modality only represent a small percentage, the truth is that some are still quite popular and common in homes despite their time in the market.

Devices that will not be compatible with the new Netflix plan

The first, second and third generation Chromecasts will not be able to log in to a user who has the Netflix economic plan despite the fact that these devices are compatible with the rest of the service modalities. This is how the share with ads can only be seen from Chromecasts that have Google TV .

In the case of Apple TV , no model of the Cupertino TV is compatible with the cheap Netflix plan, and that includes the recently announced 4K model. The opposite is the case with the Amazon Fire since all these devices support the new streaming service subscription.

On the other hand, in the field of video game consoles, if you still have your PlayStation 3 and you plan to change or subscribe to this cheaper plan, it is best that you give up since it is one of the devices that does not support it. However, if what you use is a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 , you will be happy to know that it does work on these systems.

Finally, as far as mobiles are concerned, iPhone users who have a version prior to iOS 15 will not be able to access this plan from the Netflix app . In the case of Android, the same applies to users of versions prior to Android 7.

How much will Netflix’s cheap plan cost?

Netflix ‘s Basic plan with ads will arrive on November 10 and will be available first in 12 countries: Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, Spain, the United States, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom before be released worldwide.

The new plan will allow users to pay $7 a month instead of the traditional Basic plan’s $10 , but for less money, it will put ads in the middle of shows or movies. Netflix points out that these advertisements will add up to a total of 4 to 5 minutes for each hour of video playback, with durations between 15 to 20 seconds for each one.