Netflix wants to expand its video game section and deliver titles to play on TV

Netflix could be thinking of cloud games to deliver as extras to subscribers of its service. These will be added to those already delivered for cell phones.


Netflix continues to think of video games as an added product of great value for its users and wants to deliver titles to be played on television, an addition to the mobile games that it already delivers.

According to Bloomberg , the company is thinking of providing games to play (forgive the redundancy) on our televisions. We could be talking about an extra cloud platform where users can connect a controller and enjoy.

netflix and video games

Netflix , for years, has been proposing to deliver video games as an extra way to compensate its users.

In addition to buying some studios, he has started creating video games based on his original series, which he currently delivers to users for iOS and Android.

However, now references to a game option have been found in the same Netfflix app for televisions.

When analyzing said code, there was mention of the possibility that their games could be played on TV, and it was also indicated that “a game on your TV needs a controller to be played. Do you want to use this mobile as a video game controller? “. Of course, it is unknown if other conventional controls such as PS4 or Xbox will be supported.

For Bloomberg , this launch could work together with a cloud platform, which would empower people to play.

games as a bonus

Services like Amazon Prime have found great potential to convince gamers in video games.

Through Prime Gaming, Amazon delivers renowned PC video games. Plus, deliver cosmetics for popular hit games like League of Legends, PUBG , or Call of Duty.