Netflix: what series about technology can you watch today?

Part of the success of the Netflix platform  is due to the variety of its content, that no matter what your preferences are, you will find one that will end up captivating you.


One of the most popular platforms is Netflix , a leader in its field, and is supported by more than 140 million users. This streaming service  offers a large amount of content, ranging from series and movies to documentaries and musicals.

Much of its success is due to the variety of its content. For example, it can show you how surreal and incredible technology can be. Next, you can watch on Netflix 3 series on this topic.


The name of this series will sound familiar to you, since it has become one of the favorites by users due to its incredible production and stories that are full of anguish, fear, and tension.

Each chapter lasts between  40 and 60 minutes. There is no relationship between its arguments, allowing the user to enjoy it in a marathon or separately.


The series takes place hundreds of years in the future, where technology and science have overdeveloped, making the journey of human consciousness through time possible. The “remnants” are a group designated to return to the 21st century and are on a mission to save humanity from a horrible future.

Altered Carbon

A series developed in the future, three centuries after now, where immortality is achieved through chips that transfer consciousness from one body to another, something that can only be achieved by the rich. It has a season of ten chapters of 50 to 60 minutes approximately.