Netflix will allow you to react with a ‘I love’ to the series and movies

The tool will allow Netflix users to  find recommendations more in line with their tastes and consumption preferences.


Netflix has announced the arrival of ‘I love’ to its streaming service from this Monday.

Through a statement, the director of Product Innovation, Christine Doig-Cardet, pointed out that the ‘ I love ‘ will be represented with an icon of two thumbs up, and will be found above the already traditional ‘Like’ buttons. and ‘I don’t like’ both on TVs, the website and the mobile app.

The end? Greater customization

According to Netflix, the tool will improve the recommendations provided by the service according to the content that the user likes the most.

“Our current thumbs up/thumbs down rating system is a good tool for you to tell us what you thought of a show or movie. As a result, your profile becomes more personalized according to your preferences”, says Netflix. “However, over time, we have realized that a simple ‘Like’ or ‘It’s not for me’ is not enough. By having an extra button to let us know what you’re really interested in, the recommendations on your profile will better reflect what you enjoy.”