Netflix will start charging for password sharing in more countries around the world this 2023

The measure that was initially tested by Netflix in Peru and Chile will reach the rest of the world in March of this year.


Netflix has announced that it will start charging extra for sharing the password of its accounts as soon as March 2023.

This function, initially tested in Peru, Chile and Costa Rica , will be expanded to the rest of the world with a single mission: to allow the company to generate more revenue per year.

Goodbye to shared accounts

Netflix last year began testing ways to “monetize account sharing” after posting its biggest subscriber losses in a decade. In addition to password sharing fees, Netflix has also launched cheaper ad-supported subscriptions , hoping to entice more people to pay if they don’t have to pay as much.

“Although our terms of use limit the use of Netflix to one household, we know that this is a change for members who share their password with other households. Therefore, these members will have the option to pay a little more if they want to share the password with people who do not live with them, ”says the streaming service.

The price for each country is different, but in the countries where it is being tested the fee is about a quarter of the price of a Standard plan, on average.

The company also said the rollout would be progressive across all of its markets: Netflix won’t start charging everyone globally at the same time, like a switch is flipped, but will start in a selection of places and go from there.