Netflix won’t let you ‘log in with Facebook’ from May

Netflix asks its users to create their own password on their service after the early disassociation with Facebook .


Netflix has disassociated itself from Facebook and will stop allowing users of the social network to log in to the streaming platform as of May 2, a change that will force users to create a password on its service.

From Netflix they have announced the decision to withdraw support for the login with Facebook on its website, in the section dedicated to helping access the platform from the social network and the resolution of possible problems that may appear.

There, it is now indicated that “as of May 2, 2022, Netflix will not be accessible using the Facebook login “, which requires making changes to the account to be able to access it after the date.

Create your own Netflix password!

The company urges “create a Netflix password “, the company adds on that page. It is also sending said communication to affected users via email.

To continue using Netflix , they must create a new login on the platform. To do this, you must open a web browser from a mobile or a computer and, once there, you must go to the following address: .

Next, you must click on ‘Sign in with Facebook’ and, in the pop-up window, enter your Facebook email and password . Once signed in, go to and follow the instructions to change your password before clicking Save.

Finally, Netflix must be opened on the device and logged in with the new password, already unlinked from the Facebook account .