Netflix’s ad-supported plan has an initial problem: it won’t offer its entire catalog

Netflix is ​​revealing more information about what its most affordable plan will be.


Netflix has spoken again about its next affordable plan which it expects to arrive in 2023.

The company, taking advantage of the quarterly investor call, has assured that this level with announcements will not include all of its launch content.

Not all Netflix content will initially be ad-supported

According to Ted Sarandos, Netflix ‘s chief content officer and also CEO of the company, the affordable ad-supported plan will feature all the series and movies in the catalog.

According to him, this big ‘but’ is not due to his lack of interest, but rather that Netflix had contracts with the developer studios not to offer this content in plans with ads.

Due to this, Sarandos assures that he is already in talks with the creators of the productions with this problem to solve it. Of course, he assures that “the vast majority of what people see on Netflix , we can include it with advertising”.

“If we launched the product today, the members of the ad level would have a great experience,” the Netflix executive insisted . “We will remove some additional content, but certainly not all.”

Dated for 2023

At the moment, there is no exact price for this plan, but it will be cheaper than the standard plan that costs 10 dollars.

In the same call, Netflix also mentions that it is very possible that this goal will arrive in 2023, in an effort that will include Microsoft.

The company also noted that it lost a million subscribers in that period, although it expected to lose twice as many.

Wells Fargo analysts previously predicted that a cheaper, ad -supported Netflix offering would attract just over 100 million subscribers by the end of 2025.