New Exorcist Trilogy Is Coming From Universal In 2023

It is probably the horror film whose success has been tried the most times to emulate. The Exorcist, directed by  William Friedkin and adapting a novel by  William Peter Blatty, was a phenomenon since its premiere in 1973. It became the highest-grossing film in history up to that moment and won two Oscars for best-adapted screenplay and sound.

And the newest in terms of reimagining, remakes, sequels, spin-offs and whatever from the chilling story of the possessed Regan ( Linda Blair ) will be the trilogy that Universal wants to carry out the companies Morgan Creek and the production company specialized in the genre Blumhouse. He has even been assigned a director for months. It will be David Gordon Green, responsible for another recent trilogy, that of the new versions of Halloween night.

According to the New York Times, Universal Pictures and its streaming Peacock paid $ 400 million to host this new revival of the classic horror saga

According to the director himself, the trilogy will be raised as a direct sequel to William Friedkin’s film. And also, according to information from The New York Times, veteran Ellen Burstyn would reprise her role as Chris MacNeil, Regan’s mother. The actress was 40 when she shot the original from the 70s, and she is 88 today. Will there be digital makeup?

Another of the protagonists will be  Leslie Odom Jr., the African-American actor in It Happened in Miami. The musical Hamilton will play the father of a possessed child who asks Chris to help him. The forecast is that the first of the films will be released in theatres by the end of 2023, and, according to the terms of the agreement, both the second and the third would go the same direction on the Peacock platform.

As for David Gordon Green, the work accumulates; his first instalment of Halloween night premiered in 2018. The second entitled Halloween Kills will be presented at the next Venice Film Festival, and in 2022 it is scheduled to close the trilogy around the serial killer Michael Meyers with Halloween Ends.