New Rocketeer Film Coming to Disney+ With David Oyelowo

According to ‘Deadline,’ Yoruba Saxon and Disney Plus are working on a new movie for ‘The Rocketeer,’ the sci-fi classic.

The Rocketeer, one of the great classics of science fiction, prepares its return from the hand of Disney Plus. According to a Deadline report, those led by Mickey have already given the green light to The Return of the Rocketeer project. The company’s idea is for the feature film to be exclusive to the streaming above video platform, thus further strengthening its original catalog.

The production of The Return of the Rocketeer will be in the hands of David and Jessica Oyelowo. They have participated in films such as A United KingdomNina, and Captive. However, the exciting thing is that David Oyelowo, in addition to producing, could also star in the film. Of course, there is still nothing official in this sense, and it is best to take it with a grain of salt.

According to the medium above, The Return of the Rocketeer will have the vision of a new creative team. For example, the feature film will be screen-written by Edward Ricourt, the youngest teacher behind Netflix’s The Illusionists and Jessica Jones movies. The story would focus on Tuskegee, a retired aviator who would put himself at the feet of Rocketeer.

The Return of the Rocketeer, the first film between Disney Plus and Yoruba Saxon

One of the points that Deadline stands out the most is that The Return of the Rocketeer will be the first feature film product of the collaboration between Disney Plus and Yoruba Saxon. This production house is owned by David above and Jessica Oyelowo. Despite their short history (since 2014) in the film industry, in their history, they boast multi-million dollar deals with Paramount, HBO, and FilmRise, for example.

The Rocketeer won over millions of fans during its premiere in 1991. That is, it took three decades for Disney to make its return a reality. The streaming video platform allows those led by Bob Chapek to experiment with projects that, while not meeting the conditions to conquer the big screen at the level of a blockbuster, have enough capacity to attract new subscribers to their service. The latter, incidentally, recently surpassed the 116 million subscribers.