New York school replaced metal detectors with AI, which failed to detect a knife

A student was stabbed after the replacement of traditional metal detectors with artificial intelligence.


Artificial intelligence (AI) can also fail. This is the lesson learned by a New York school , which replaced classic metal detectors with an AI system to detect potential threats.

The BBC reports that a school in the town of Utica had recently implemented an AI system from the company Evolv, which failed to detect a knife.

Last Halloween , student Ehni Lee Htoo was walking through the school halls when a classmate attacked him from behind with a knife.

The 18-year-old victim’s lawyer indicated that he has multiple injuries: to his head, neck, face, shoulder, back, and hand.

How did the AI ​​system fail?

The Evolv Technology system was used to replace traditional metal detectors.

According to the supplier, the system “combines powerful sensor technology with artificial intelligence” to detect weapons.

BBC investigation found that this artificial intelligence system , which began use in 13 Utica sequels in 2022, is unable to detect large knives, failing in 42% of cases after 24 tests.

Authorities later determined that the AI ​​system was not designed to detect knives.

After the incident, Evolv changed the way it advertised its systems. Before, it offered “gun-free zones” on its website. Currently, it only says “safe zones”.

Most troubling: After investing millions of dollars in these systems in their educational network, schools are currently unable to replace them.