News portal will use the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT to write its questionnaires

The BuzzFeed portal revealed its intention to use ChatGPT technology  to create its renowned quizzes, but will not apply it in newspaper articles.

ChatGPT continues to tell the time on the Internet and in the broad panorama of technology, so its implementation in various areas or new versions of other giants in this industry is inevitable. One of the most recent is the proposal by the news portal BuzzFeed , which has formally announced that it will use this artificial intelligence to write its iconic questionnaires.

As The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, January 26, the renowned website intends to use OpenAI ‘s AI to generate its popular digital questionnaires, the content that it has become its hallmark on the Internet. Jonah Peretti , CEO of the company, pointed out to his employees that he wants a system with this technology to play an important role in the editorial and commercial departments of the company.

This statement from a memo Gizmodo  was able to gain access to also indicates that the AI ​​could write questions based on a topic to create a unique wording for each user later. BuzzFeed ‘s artificial intelligence was developed using the OpenAI public API .

ChatGPT AI expands its uses

Also attached to the memo was an example of a questionnaire that Peretti obtained to demonstrate how the system works. Said material is titled “This quiz will write a romantic comedy about you in less than 30 seconds” and includes questions generated by AI such as “pick a trope for your romantic comedy” or “tell us an endearing flaw you have”.

“We see advances in AI ushering in a new era of creativity that will allow humans to harness creativity in new ways with endless opportunities and applications for good. AI can benefit both content creators and audiences, inspiring new ideas and inviting audience members to co-create personalized content,” Peretti wrote in the email.

According to what was declared by a BuzzFeed spokesperson , the content generated by this system will begin to be seen at the beginning of February, but it was not confirmed when it would replace human labor. However, the company stressed that artificial intelligence will not be used in the writing of newspaper articles.

ChatGPT’s AI begins to penetrate more industries

In addition to looking for novelty with this implementation, the use of ChatGPT ‘s AI for BuzzFeed content would also have an economic incentive behind it. Earlier, Peretti mentioned that he still had to run the company as “a lean and rudimentary startup” due to low revenues and, late last year, 12% of his workforce was laid off over allegedly worsening economic prospects.

In parallel, other companies are using this artificial intelligence for creative issues. For example, according to another WSJ report , Meta is paying Buzzfeed close to $10 million to create content for Facebook and Instagram , and CNET has begun writing AI-powered explainer articles that it plans to publish in the coming months.