Nissan plans to launch its first solid-state battery electric vehicle in 2028

Solid-state batteries are the future of the electric car industry , as the price of cars could go down.


Solid-state batteries are the next step in improving the electric car industry , as it would lower prices and improve performance. 

The Japanese giant Nissan wants to be an early adopter of this new technology.

The automaker plans to launch its first fully solid-state battery- powered electric vehicle  by 2028. To achieve this goal, the company has just unveiled a prototype production facility for these batteries at a Japanese research center.

The transition to solid-state batteries will make electric vehicles considerably more affordable by using less expensive materials.

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Nissan aims to reduce the cost of solid-state batteries to $75 per kilowatt-hour by 2028 , and to $65 later . According to the company, electric vehicles would cost about as much as combustion cars .

Solid-state batteries are a great bet, as they charge faster and offer about twice the energy density of existing lithium-ion batteries. This translates into increased range, reduced weight, and shorter reload times.