NitroPhone 1 is the most secure Android phone in the world

According to the German company, Nitrokey has just launched NitroPhone 1, the most secure Android phone globally. Microphone 1 is intended for people who want to protect their data and avoid being subject to surveillance

The microphone one is based on the Pixel 4a Google and has the GrapheneOS operating system, making the Android phone so sure. The company’s website even includes a quote from Edward Snowden, a former NSA agent and digital security analyst: “If I were setting up a smartphone today, I would use Daniel Micay’s GrapheneOS as the basis for the operating system.” 

The microphone specifications are the same as the Pixel 4a. Still, the user can order the Nitrokey cell phone in a version without microphones, where it is possible to make voice calls using a headset connected to the device. 

There is no question of protection against physical violation. The microphone has unique configurations such as solid cryptography, Titan M security chip and verified initialization to guarantee that the operating system has not been modified. Or PIN has a layout encoded in the privacy fabric or allows the user to enter their PIN once someone sees their senha.

Protection against spyware or Android operating system, not NitroPhone, is reinforced for high-security demands, like all applications in the sandbox to protect the cell phone from malicious apps. Or browser, WebView and PDF viewer are also supported, and NitroPhone has the ultra-fast distribution of security updates.