As even the stones (of Matera) know by now, at the end of No Time to Die , James Bond dies for the first time in its history.


A drastic decision which, according to Daniel Craig , was forced. Speaking with the Los Angeles Times , the actor explained why 007 had to die at the end of the film, and the reasons are basically two, “one for me and one for the franchise”:

I said [to producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson], “Well, you’re going to have to reset the saga again. So let’s kill my character and go find another Bond and another story. Start at 23, 25 or 30”. The other reason was to be able to look ahead. I don’t want to go back. I suppose I should count myself lucky if they ask me to come back, but the thing is, I need to put Bond behind me. The sacrifice she makes in the film is out of love, and there is no greater sacrifice. So it seemed like the right way to close.

In 2019, speaking with Entertainment Weekly , Craig had explained that he decided to leave James Bond after breaking his leg on the set of Specter :

I had to ask myself if I was physically capable of doing another one, or if I really wanted to do it. Because when you call your wife to say, “I broke my leg,” it’s not pleasant.

Broccoli and Wilson eventually convinced Craig to come back one last time. Always speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Broccoli had explained:

He felt he said it all at the end of the last film. I said to him: “I don’t think so, I think there is still something to tell about your Bond”. Luckily he changed his mind and agreed with that.