Nokia changes its logo for the first time in 60 years: they are preparing big changes

Nokia no longer wants to be related only to phones: it wants to keep expanding.

Nokia announced plans on Sunday to change its brand identity for the first time in nearly 60 years, with a new logo , as the telecommunications equipment maker focuses on aggressive growth in a different field.

The new logo consists of five different shapes that make up the word NOKIA . The iconic blue color of the old logo has been removed for a range of colors depending on use.

Why does it change?

According to the voice of its own CEO, Pekka Lundmark, this is due to a paradigm shift.

“There was the association with smartphones and today we are a commercial technology company,” he told Reuters in an interview.

After assuming the lead role at the struggling Finnish company in 2020, Lundmark laid out a three-stage strategy: restart, accelerate and scale. With the restart stage now complete, Lundmark said the second stage is beginning.

Nokia plans to review the growth path of its different businesses and consider alternatives, including divestment.

different eyes

While Nokia is still aiming to grow its service provider business, where it sells equipment to telcos, its main focus now is selling equipment to other companies.

Major technology companies have partnered with telecom equipment makers such as Nokia to sell private 5G networks and automated factory equipment to customers, primarily in the manufacturing sector.

Nokia ‘s move into factory automation and data centers will also pit them against big tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon.