Nokia presents three new mobiles that will remind you of your cell phones of yesteryear

Nokia has revealed three new devices with a mobile and simple design, as they were before the rise of smartphones.


Although smartphones now dominate the mobile industry, Nokia  has not forgotten the equipment that millions of people used before the launch of these more advanced mobiles. In addition to its Nokia T10 tablet , the firm presented three new cell phones with a simpler and more compact design: the Nokia 2660 , the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio and the Nokia 8210 .

The models are focused on replicating the cell phones for which the company became known in the market several years ago for those users who are looking for functionality, simplicity and portability that was lost in a certain way with the arrival of smartphones .

In addition to these features, these devices also stand out for their long battery life and users can even exchange it for another easily.

Nokia 2660

If you still can’t forget your “toad cell phone” , this device is a new version of the mobile that the company launched back in 2007 with new specifications to adapt it to modern times. It has a keyboard for typing and a removable 1,450 mAh battery , which can be replaced with a spare.

The mobile has two screens, a 1.77-inch one on the lid to see the time and notifications while it is closed and the main one is 2.8 inches . When it comes to power, it has a Unisoc SoC and 128 MB of RAM, as well as 48 MB of internal storage expandable up to 32 GB . It is available in black, blue and red colors.

Nokia 5710 XpressAudio

This mobile has a particular design since it has a sliding compartment on the back where you can store your wireless headphones that, in addition, are charged with the cell phone battery while they are in said slot.

The screen is 2.4 inches and a 1,450 mAh battery that, as mentioned by Nokia, can last more than a week despite the fact that it only lasts 4 hours if the user uses it to listen to music with a full charge. If it is what you are looking for, it is recommended to expand the internal memory with microSD up to 32 GB.

Nokia 8210

Finally, this phone stands out for its autonomy, with a battery that can last up to 19 days without having to charge again while the 4G connection is activated. With this feature disabled, you can last up to 29 days.

In addition to this, it has a 2.8-inch screen with QVGA resolution and the ability to expand its internal storage up to 32 GB with a microSD card.

Nokia mentioned that these devices, including the T10 tablet , will be available in selected countries in Latin America during the fourth quarter of 2022. However, it did not mention the exact markets or dates.