Notebooks of Charles Darwin that were stolen more than 20 years ago reappear

The manuscripts, valued at millions of dollars, appeared thanks to an anonymous person who left them on the floor of the Cambridge University Library .


Two notebooks of Charles Darwin that had been stolen two decades ago from the Cambridge University Library have reappeared thanks to a stranger.

According to the University of Cambridge , the notebooks appeared on the floor of the Library facilities on March 9.

These were in a pink bag and inside an envelope with a message:


Happy Easter


The notebooks, valued at millions of dollars, were wrapped in plastic wrap and are in good condition.

“I feel very happy. They’re safe, they’re in good condition, they’re home,” said librarian Jessica Gardner.

The theft of some very valuable manuscripts

These notebooks of Charles Darwin were kept in a special room, where they could be photographed.

The manuscripts disappeared after a request to take photos in 2000. It was only in 2001 that those responsible realized that the box that kept the two notebooks had disappeared.

For years, these were believed to be missing within the university’s vast collection, but an extensive search in 2020 indicated that they had most likely been stolen.

In the manuscripts is the drawing of the ” tree of life “, key in the theory of evolution of the British naturalist.