NVIDIA RTX 3050: How good is the most affordable RTX Ampere card?

We tested the NVIDIA RTX 3050 in its Palit Dual OC version . This was our experience.

The semiconductor shortage has hit us gamers for a couple of years now, but things seem to be getting better little by little.

One of the good news of this 2022 was the introduction of  NVIDIA ‘s RTX 3050 for desktop computers, marking a more affordable option for many users. But how good is this video card? We tell you our experience.

We tested Palit ‘s RTX 3050 in its Dual OC version .


This version of the RTX 3050 is quite lightweight with a mostly plastic body.

The back cover has a honeycomb design to let the air through and on the side of the dual fans we can see a nice design.

And something that many gamers will like, we have RGB in “ GEFORCE RTX ”. This can be programmed with a compatible board. Mind you, it only displays one color at a time.


The RTX 3050 brings technologies like Ray Tracing and DLSS to the entry-level , with the latter gaining more importance.

A gamer bringing the RTX 3050 home will usually focus on gaming at Full HD (1080P), although they can achieve good results in multiplayer titles with DLSS at 1440P .

Even eSports titles run fine at 1440P. Dota 2 averaged 138 frames per second (FPS) on the highest settings.

But let’s get down to 1080P, which is the most recommended resolution for users of this card.