NVIDIA to join MediaTek to create artificial intelligence chips for vehicles

NVIDIAand MediaTek have reached an agreement to add a graphics processing chip for infotainment displays in cars.

NVIDIA and MediaTek have announced an agreement to create a dedicated graphics processing technology chip for in-vehicle entertainment displays.

The announcement, made at the Computex technology fair in Taipei , will see the two companies collaborate to start leading the growing market for in-car entertainment, seeking to bring video and video games to transportation with the power of artificial intelligence.


In the statement, it is mentioned that MediaTek will integrate a graphics processing unit chiplet and NVIDIA ‘s software into the system-on- chips it supplies to automakers for infotainment displays.

Dashboard displays could show the environment around the vehicle, while cameras would monitor the driver.

“The auto industry needs strong companies that can work with the industry for decades,” NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang said at a news conference.

“The quality, strength and positions of our two companies could provide the auto industry with partners on which to build their businesses,” he said, adding that the partnership would provide chips that can power “every segment of a car .


Qualcomm, MediaTek ‘s main rival in the smartphone market, has also been interested in getting involved in the auto industry.

For example, Qualcomm and SalesForce announced a partnership earlier this year to develop a new platform for connected vehicles.

The partnership with MediaTek gives NVIDIA broader access to the $12 billion market for infotainment systems on chips , the companies said. The first products were planned for the end of 2025.