Official drinks water to show that it was clean… and ends up hospitalized

The video went viral in India  after it was posted by the local government.


Bhagwant Mann, the head of government of the Punjab state of the Republic of India has been hospitalized two days after drinking water from a reservoir for cameras.

The official visited the town of Lodhi on Sunday to celebrate the anniversary of a reservoir called Kali Bien .

In an attempt to prove that the water in the reservoir, considered sacred, was totally clean, he took a glass.

The event was recorded on video and photographed by journalists as part of a public event.

The video of the head of government drinking the water was published by the government itself.

sick head of government

On Tuesday, Bhagwant Mann was admitted to a New Delhi hospital. The Indian Express reports that the official was suffering from “unbearable stomach pain”.

According to the media, Mann was airlifted to the capital’s hospital.

Polluted water a big problem in India

A study by The Lancet with data from 2019 indicates that 1 in 6 people in the world died due to ingesting contaminated water.