March 25th arrives on Disney + Ice Age: Buck’s Adventures , the new chapter of the famous animated saga.

This time centered on the character of Buck , the reckless weasel slightly out of his mind voiced by Simon Pegg and seen in Ice Age 3 – Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Ice Age 4 – Continents Adrift and Ice Age – On a Collision Course .

The actor presented the film during a virtual press conference, which also saw the participation of director John Donkin , executive producer Lori Forte and Justina Machado , who voices a new character in the film: Zee .

A dream that becomes reality

For Simon Pegg , who has always hoped for a movie about his Buck , it’s a dream come true:

I’ve been suggesting this for 12 years. I always thought Buck should have a movie of his own.

This is because there is a deep bond between the actor and Buck:

Buck has now become a part of me and knowing we will have made me so happy. I love Buck. I have a very strong affection for him, also because he was born the same year my daughter was born. The first time I played Buck was the year my daughter was born, she grew up with these films and with him.

Lori Forte also admitted that she particularly loves the character:

I think Buck is such a lovely character. We loved him the first moment we saw him and always knew we wanted to do something bigger on him. We thought he deserved a film of his own. He deserved a spin-off of him because he’s such an iconic character. He is intelligent, adventurous, a swashbuckler, a protector and guardian of the lost world. He is a fantastic character. It is a pleasure to embark on an adventure with him because he is not afraid of anything.
At the same time, however, he is a loner. He has no people around him. So it felt like the perfect time to represent Buck in his world, bringing in new characters that could shake his loneliness

A new friend

And this is where Zee , the character of Justina Machado , comes in . As stated by the actress:

It was very emotional. Giving voice to such a strong character, she is a social warrior, it was so much fun.

We developed it together, me, John and Lori. It’s not easy to play such tough and confident characters but they are my favorites and they gave me a lot of freedom to create them. Since she is a new character, we had to understand her together.

As confirmed by director John Donkin , Zee is a new but fundamental figure.

This film allows us to find out who Buck really is and the introduction of Zee allows us to know more about him. There is a story that unites them we discover throughout the film. It expands this universe, allowing us to delve deeper into these characters. They aren’t extravagant just for the sake of it, there’s a story behind them that has made them what they are today.

Without obviously forgetting that this is a story about family:

Family has always been a central theme of this saga, ever since the first film. It is in the DNA of the franchise to reflect on the family as a constantly growing entity, not necessarily related to blood but more to loyalty.

The Adventures of Buck continues the hilarious adventures of the prehistoric mammals most loved by the public. Eager for some independence from their older sister Ellie, the thrill-seeking possum brothers Crash and Eddie set out in search of their own place, but quickly find themselves trapped in a huge underground cavern. They are rescued by Buck, the one-eyed ferret, a lover of adventure and dinosaur hunting, and together they must face the unruly dinosaurs that inhabit the Lost World.

The Italian voices

Claudio Bisio returns to lend his voice to the friendly sloth Sid , while Leo Gullotta will dub the mammoth Manny again . The cast of voice actors will be joined by Germano Gentile and Lucia Ocone who will give voice to the characters of Orson and Zee respectively .