One more: Xiaomi develops chip focused on battery life

Under the name Fuel Gauge, the Chinese brand Xiaomi has been working on a specific chip to control the autonomy of its equipment.

Xiaomi points to another direction in 2022. With the arrival of specific units integrated into the SoC, brands have room to bet on image and neural processes. In the case of the Chinese firm, the incursion would go on the other side: the battery.

According to GizChina , Xiaomi is developing a chip called “Fuel gauge” with which it hopes to improve the user’s battery level by integrating the speedy analysis of various data, such as cell material, big data regarding usage and levels. encryption.

This development not only seeks to improve the performance of the battery with usage information, but it will also be compatible with faster charging systems, in addition to regulating the consumption of others integrated into the chip, such as the image processor.

Part of this new development focuses on the ability to monitor battery life to optimize low consumption and making calculations of our habits per day or per week, This will allow better management of the “aging” of the battery.

More silicon in batteries

This Xiaomi battery technology increases the presence of silicon up to three times, and is combined with a new cell packaging that improves its capacity by 10% and its useful life by up to 100%. However, there are no details on how these figures are achieved.

This new system will go into mass production during the second half of 2022, but there is no clear roadmap on its inclusion in the catalog managed by Xiaomi on mobiles and tablets.