During the special panel dedicated to the news related to the One Piece franchise, a new visual of One Piece Film Red was unveiled .


The mysterious protagonist appears in the image. But what do those written mean? “Hey Luffy, why don’t you stop being a pirate.” Why these words? And that red hair, is she for tied her tied to Shanks somehow?

Character design

The character designs of the members of the Straw Hat Crew, designed by Oda :

The film marks Jimbe’s film debut as a member of the Straw Hat Crew. His presence leads us to ask when the film will be set. Recall that the character enters the crew during the arc of Wano, still in progress, but the design of Sanji would lead to think that it is set before chapter 1031.

Oda’s message

Eiichiro Oda revealed in a message to fans, on the occasion of Jump Festa 22, that “many mysteries” about Shanks will be revealed this year:

“To all who attend the Jump Festa, as well as those who follow online. Greetings! This is baseball player Shohei Odatani, wielding the double style of stiff shoulders and back pain!

So, this year we had the celebrations for chapter 1000 of the manga, for volume 100 and episode 1000 of the anime. This has truly been a year of non-stop celebration. There have been a lot of projects.
Did you enjoy participating? There have also been some announcements. The cast of Hollywood’s One Piece live action adaptation has been announced! They are perfect, right ?! Those five are truly amazing! Even now, production is proceeding slowly and cautiously.

And then there is the movie “RED”! An unknown girl. Shanks. LUFFY! Speaking of Shanks, the truth is that he is still a character with many mysteries. What is her relationship with the girl? Will he meet Luffy? This is the first time Shanks will actually appear in a movie, after all… oh, he will appear!
They tried to stop me from announcing anything, but I managed to say it, so I won!

Also, next year is just… the manga’s 25th anniversary! Staff members are still planning a number of things, so please wait with trepidation!

As for the main story, I’m surprised Wano Country isn’t finished yet. However, Luffy! Please pay attention to the main character! I hope to be able to draw it well…! Also, I’ve always wanted to draw the last scene from Wano Country! Aaaah! Basically, I’m super excited for One Piece next year. I hope you continue to cheer on One Piece!

2021.12 Eiichiro Oda “

The staff:

Goro Taniguchi previously directed the OAV One Piece: Taose! Kaizoku Gyanzac , made for the Jump Super Anime Tour 1998 , animated by Production IG , with the character design of Oda.

To the script Tsutomu Kuroiwa (One Piece Film Gold, One Piece: Heart of Gold, GANTZ: O, live-action Black Butler), while the animation is once again the work of Toei Animation .

Anime Factory will distribute One Piece Film Red in Italy. The film will debut in Japanese theaters on August 6, 2022 .