OnePlus is inspired by its founder’s new company to add rear lights to its cell phone

OnePlus , founded by Carl Pei, was inspired by Nothing , Pei’s current company, in creating a concept with LED lights.


OnePlus has revealed the OnePlus 11 Concept , a prototype cell phone in which it adds a feature that seems new, but has already been used by another company today: rear LED lights.

It is that Nothing, a company founded by Carl Pei – who also founded OnePlus – launched the Phone (1) during the pandemic, a cell phone that also included lights on its transparent rear panel.


This is how OnePlus , a company founded by Pei, is inspired by Nothing, the new company founded by Pei, to launch its prospectus that will be seen in depth at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) to be held in Barcelona.

In the first images, you can see ice blue lines that run along the entire back of the phone “as if they were blood vessels,” says the company itself.

“These OnePlus 11 Concept ducts are housed within a bold and futuristic unibody glass design inspired by the tranquil stillness and power of a glacial lake.”

At the moment, OnePlus has not explained if these lights have additional functionality to improve aesthetics, but they should light up in a personalized way according to notifications from the device or its charge level.

They prepare the jump

The Phone (1) from Nothing , for example, maintains a network of taillights that light up when receiving notifications, messages, or calls .

In addition, it allows you to customize it to assign an animation to a particular contact. The phone will begin to be marketed in the United States this year.

On Monday, February 27, OnePlus will unveil more of the OnePlus 11 Concept . NIUSGEEK will be present at the event in person from Spain