OnePlus shines at MWC 2023 with the 11 Concept, a cell phone with a liquid cooling system for games

The OnePlus 11 Concept adopts PC-like liquid cooling technology for smartphones.

The Chinese company OnePlus has unveiled this Monday its new Active CryoFlux active cooling system implemented in the design of its new OnePlus 11 Concept , which promises to reduce the temperature up to 2.1 degrees Celsius during gaming sessions.

The manufacturer has unveiled this device within the framework of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, ​​where it has also shown other products, such as the OnePlus 11 5G , which integrates the new augmented reality technology developed jointly with Qualcomm and Perfect World Games. .

The future of OnePlus

OnePlus had already shown this device a few days ago, when the co-founder of the brand and head of Product at Oppo, Pete Lau, commented via Twitter that the terminal merged “an impressive design with pioneering technology in the industry”, without adding more details about this system.

The company has now revealed that this novelty is called Active CryoFlux, a “revolutionary” mobile cooling technology that, during its laboratory tests, has shown that it reduces the temperature of the mobile by up to 2.1 degrees Celsius during gaming sessions .

Thanks to this, the new OnePlus 11 Concept improves the frame rate in a game by three or four degrees or 1.6 degrees Celsius when charging, reducing the time it needs to be plugged in by between 30 and 45 seconds.

To create this technology, OnePlus has miniaturized the cooling capabilities of PC games to fit into a smartphone, featuring an industrial-grade piezoelectric ceramic micro-pump connected to ducts between an upper and lower diaphragm.

It should be noted that the introduction of this system does not thicken the OnePlus 11 Concept , since this micropump occupies a surface area of ​​less than 0.2 square centimeters, which allows the coolant to circulate through the pipes without increasing its weight and thickness. significant.

This terminal reveals this technology thanks to a transparent and curved back cover, with a lateral extraction height of 5.04 mm. The rear of the device also features a magnetron-spluttering coating in which metal and alloy are deposited in small amounts onto the casing, using an electric field. (Europe Press)