‘Only one per household’: Netflix again attacks shared accounts in four new countries

Spain, Canada, Portugal, and New Zealand join Peru, Chile , and Costa Rica in Netflix ‘s shared account detection model .


It was good while it lasted. While only hours ago Netflixhad updated its support page to detail that it had gone back on its policies to avoid account sharing, now the same company has announced the advancement of the measure in four new countries.

The platform has announced that from February 21, Spain, Canada, Portugal and New Zealand will join Peru, Chile and Costa Rica and will have greater controls to prevent them from sharing their account and, in the event that they do, pay extra. thus.

Goodbye Netflix?

According to Netflix , “each account is intended for a single home.”

Users will need to set the primary location, home, for the account to be used. Of course, the company ensures that “as always, subscribers will be able to watch Netflix on their personal devices or log in to another television (in a hotel or vacation rental, for example)”, although without specifying more details.

“There are now more than 100 million households that share their accounts, which reduces our ability to invest in creating great stories, told with the highest quality series and movies,” says a company statement.

If you do not comply with this, you will have to add ‘extra members’ , a function that was initially tested in Peru, Chile and Costa Rica”.

While, in Peru, this costs 8 soles per extra member, in Spain it is 6 euros per month per person.

User rejection

Of course, Internet users have criticized the measure and have pointed out that, once the model is imposed, they will stop paying for the subscription.