OpenAI and the precarious working conditions with which it hires people to train ChatGPT

According to an NBC News report , OpenAI trains its artificial intelligence with employees who are paid $15 an hour with no benefits.


The training of artificial intelligence usually has a large number of people behind it and in its latest report, NBC News points out that the most famous of all, ChatGPT , is powered by workers who are paid $15 an hour.

The complaint shows how these workers provide the most information and improve OpenAI ‘s AI responses , but are not paid adequately for the countless hours of work.

what is known

“You can design all the neural networks you want, you can involve all the researchers you want, but without taggers, you don’t have ChatGPT . You have nothing,” says Alexej Savreux, a 34-year-old Kansas City man who works as an artificial intelligence trainer.

To improve the accuracy of the AI , it has tagged photos and made predictions about what text apps should output next. His payment is 15 dollars a month without any type of benefit.

“A lot of the talk about AI is very congratulatory,” said Sonam Jindal, program leader for AI , jobs and the economy at the Partnership on AI, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that promotes research and education. around artificial intelligence.

“But we’re missing a big part of the story — that this is still hugely dependent on a large human workforce,” he said.

But even this type of case is usually more serious. Earlier this year, TIME released a report alleging that OpenAI hired workers from Kenya to filter out illegal and sexually abusive content. Your payment? Only 2 dollars a day.